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World Cancer Awareness Day - Your Contribution

Let's face Cancer together!

Today, February 4th is marked as Wolrd Cancer Day in our calendar to raise Cancer awareness.

From Gocase, we are aware of how significant it is to support this cause since cancer affects everyone. Creating awareness and giving visibility is the key to fight this problem together.

When cancer diagnosed patient needs to face this moment, it is determinant to feel the support and understanding from society.

Therefore we pull together our sensitivity, creativity, and commitment to creating this campaign together with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC)

We choose to support them because of the way they fight cancer on many different fronts and supporting campaigns with their social work to society.

They have been creating an impact to the community since 1953, providing investment in research, supporting people in need with treatments, offering psychological support for the patient and relatives or even making possible the government to change the anti-tobacco law.

The AECC is a non-profit organization formed by patients, family members, volunteers, collaborators, and professionals. Their activity is developed throughout Spain.

They lead the effort of Spanish society to reduce the impact caused by cancer and improve people’s lives.

Every order above EUR 20/ U$D 20 / GBP 20 / AUD 20 / CAD 20 / CH 20 will automatically generate a contribution to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) of EUR 1/ U$D 1 / GBP 1 / AUD 1 / CAD 1 / CH 1

Click on the website to see all the projects they are involved